10 Uses & Benefits of Activated Charcoal

10 Uses & Benefits of Activated Charcoal

July 01, 2017

Activated charcoal is an essential item to keep on hand. Here are 10 ways you can use it to improve your life:

1. Purifies Water

Water is essential to life, but most tap water contains toxic substances. Water filtration systems use activated charcoal filters because it traps impurities (pesticides, chemicals, solvents, industrial waste) in the water. It is important to drink the purest water we can get, to assist all of our organs so they function properly.

 2. Whitens Teeth

Using activated charcoal powder or toothpaste is one of the best and cheapest ways you can whiten your teeth. The powder lasts a long time because you don’t need much each time you use it. It adsorbs plaque by changing the pH balance in your mouth, which helps prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

3. Digestive Cleanse

There are multiple causes of digestive problems, such as diet, toxins, lack of activity, change in routine, medication, thyroid problems, and other health problems. Multiple organs are affected by digestive problems, such as your intestines and colon. Activated charcoal, healthy diet, plenty of water and exercise, can be a great way to clean out your digestive system and to help it work properly.

4. Skin Ailments

When applied topically, activated charcoal mixed with water and also bentonite clay, is a great way to alleviate inflammation from insect bites, poison ivy, wasp stings, spider bites, bee stings etc. It helps draw out the toxins that are causing the pain and inflammation in your skin.

 5. Lower Cholesterol

Activated charcoal can help lower cholesterol. It does this by adsorbing cholesterol and bile acids in the intestine, preventing their absorption. Reducing the bile acids results in increased cholesterol breakdown by the liver. As always, check with your doctor if you have high cholesterol and are interested in trying this method.

6. Anti-aging

Activated charcoal is a great addition to your anti-aging skin routine. Environmental toxins can result in damaged and inflamed skin. Activated charcoal helps draw out the pollutants from environmental toxins and results in purer skin. If you have skin on the greasier side, using a mask with activated charcoal can help get rid of excess oil, creating a softer more balanced texture on your skin. For those with dry skin, using a moisturizer with activated charcoal helps detox your skin, as well as keep it hydrated.

7. Food Poisoning or Stomach Bugs

Food poisoning is the result of eating toxic, spoiled or contaminated food or drink. Activated charcoal works for food poisoning because it adsorbs the toxins, contaminate or whatever is causing the problem. Same goes for the stomach bug. If it is a bacteria causing the bug, the activated charcoal adsorbs to it and carry’s it out of your body.

8. Prevent cellular damage

Activated charcoal prevents cellular damage to your adrenal glands, kidneys and liver because it assists in flushing out toxins and chemicals from your body. Toxins and chemicals can speed up our physical aging process and impair our cognitive function. Activated charcoal, as well as an overall healthy lifestyle, can assist in cleansing our body of those toxins.

 9. Hair Health

Similar to the skin’s benefit of using activated charcoal, it can pull out dirt and toxins from your hair. Just use a capsule of activated charcoal in your shampoo and use as normal. This can give your hair more volume since it won’t be weighed down by oil, dirt, or other residue. Activated charcoal will also help relieve red, oily, itchy scalps, as well as dandruff. It will pull out the toxins and purify your hair follicles and scalp.

 10. Mold Cleansing

For those suffering from toxic mold in their bodies, activated charcoal can help with cleansing you. Toxic mold can cause organ failure, eye irritation, headaches, decreased cognitive function, depression, weakened immune system, respiratory problems, and heart problems. The toxic mold will adsorb to the activated charcoal and flush out of your body when used.


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