We Love Activated Charcoal!

We Love Activated Charcoal!

June 21, 2017

When I was newly married, my husband always had terrible heartburn. I looked everywhere for solutions but just couldn't see him like that all the time. He couldn't sleep or eat without feeling the effects of the heartburn.

My mother suggested I look into activated charcoal. Sure enough, all the research I found led me to believe this could be a great solution for my husband. I went to the local health store and found activated charcoal tablets and shared them with him that day. Within less than a few hours, he noticed an incredible transformation. He used the activated charcoal for a few days and was able to sleep again without waking up in the middle of the night. He was even back to eating normally! I couldn't believe it. What a blessing!

So naturally when we were developing our safe toothpaste product, I remembered the healing benefits of the activated charcoal that helped my husband. Activated charcoal has many beneficial properties including the ability to suck up and eradicate toxins from our bodies. So if it can work remove toxins and greatly limit heartburn for my husband, it can help remove toxins from our mouths. We brush our teeth multiple times each day! We owe it to ourselves to find the safest and purest ingredients.

If you want to learn more about activated charcoal, go check out this article by David Wolfe. We love his research and thinking!

We are excited to share more about our product with you in the coming weeks! We know the benefits of activated charcoal are real.


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