DIY Foaming Charcoal Soap

DIY Foaming Charcoal Soap

April 27, 2018

We all know that washing our hands is important to keep away bad germs and sickness, but did you know that most soap is harmful?

The FDA prohibits the use of chloroform, mercury, chloride, and eight more chemicals. That is awesome, BUT that is only 11 chemicals out of over 13,000 that can be used. Also, only 10% of chemicals that can be used in personal care products are evaluated for safety.

The European Union prohibits over 1,300 substances in all personal care products.

Check out this post about why there needs to be changes made to laws about our cosmetics and personal care products.

Also, companies are not required to notify the FDA if they have a safety complaint about a product or substance that can cause harm. I don't know about you, but that is ridiculous. That is a HUGE reason why we created Sparkoal Beauty to bring you safer products that are effective too. 

Now back to the dangers of soap. Some of the ingredients you want to avoid...

  • Fragrance: We all love nice smelling products, but when you see fragrance on the ingredient list be careful. Fragrance is one word that could mean many, many different chemicals were used. Look for products that list the actual scent, whether it is an extract or essential oil.
  • Sulfates: Sulfates, such as SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate), are used to produce bubbles or a lather in soap. They can strip your skin of your natural oils and cause irritation. 
  • Triclosan: This is usually found in antibacterial soap (repeat after me, do not get antibacterial soap - they can be the worst offenders). Triclosan has found to increase the growth of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. It also creates a dioxin, which is classified as a carcinogen that disrupts the endocrine system and the thyroid functions. Dioxin is a toxic component of Agent Orange.

Check out this blog post to learn more about ingredients we avoid in our teeth whitening toothpaste and activated charcoal teeth whitening powder.

Make sure to watch out for the ingredient list when you are buying soap OR you can make this effective and easy DIY Foaming Charcoal Soap...


DIY Foaming Charcoal Soap 


½ Cup Rose Water
2 Tsp Activated Charcoal 
1 Cup Water
4 Tbsp Unscented Liquid Dr. Bronner's
10 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
Empty Foaming Soap Dispenser



1. Clean out your soap dispenser well to remove any soap or residue.

2. Add the rose water  and the Dr. Bronner's to the dispenser and gently mix.

3. Next add the activated charcoal and mix well. It is helpful to have a chopstick, straw or other type of stick (besides the ones you find outside haha) that can fit in the dispenser to mix.

4. Add the drops of lavender essential oil.

5. Slowly add the water until it is almost full. If it is too full, it will overflow when you put the pump in.

6. Add your pump and test it out!