DIY Sugar Scrub With Activated Charcoal

DIY Sugar Scrub With Activated Charcoal

March 09, 2018

Who is ready to wash away dry, dead winter skin?!


Because Activated Charcoal has such a potent ability to grab toxins and allow them to be washed away and not reabsorb, this is a great ingredient for a facial scrub! The sugar is gentle enough and will break down when exposed to water so it is a great exfoliate to help slough of the dead winter skin.



Add the cane sugar and activated charcoal to a bowl or storage jar (Weck Jar). Shake the jar or whisk the ingredients together to combine the sugar and charcoal powder. Add the olive oil to the mixture, and stir to combine. The sugar and charcoal should look like wet, black sand. Seal the jar until use.

To Use: Apply a small amount of the scrub to the palm of your hand, then massage it over a clean face for about 30 seconds. Rinse the scrub off with a warm washcloth.