Sparkling Peppermint Lemon Water

Sparkling Peppermint Lemon Water

June 01, 2018

"Summer, summer, summertime... Time to sit back and unwind". Will Smith knows a thing or two about the summer. As we are moving into the warmer months, we have whipped up a refreshing recipe to help cool you off and to help you sit back and unwind. 

With the delicious flavors of lemon balm and peppermint your taste buds will be happy and so will your body. Read on to learn about the benefits of lemon balm and to make this simply healthy and easy recipe. Enjoy!


Benefits of Lemon Balm


1. Improves Mood & Concentration

Lemon balm has shown to be effective in helping with hyperactivity and concentration problems, as well as with being impulsive. Lemon balm also helps with de-stressing and improving mood.

2. Improves sleep

Lemon balm helps improve sleep and reduces insomnia, especially with those in menopause. 

3. Anti-oxidant and fights cancer

Lemon balm has shown to be effective in fighting cancer, specifically: glioblastoma multiform (having to do with a malignant tumor affecting the brain or spine). This cancer usually develops in the brain and is fast-spreading. There are no known effective treatments until a study in 2014 showed that lemon balm caused apoptosis, spontaneous cell death) in this cancer cells. It also stopped the expression of a protein known as MRP1. This protein is partly responsible for drug resistant cancers to develop from treatments such as chemotherapy. 

There have been other studies showing lemon balm having an apoptotic effect on other types of cancer cells. It has been shown to reduce liver cancer when aromatically inhaled.

Lemon balm had amazing results as an anti-oxidant that affects oxidative stress, caused by radiation. It also helped improve other anti-oxidants. It was shown to be a healthy way to protect the body against oxidative stress. 

4. Anti-inflammatory

Lemon balm reduces chronic inflammation and pain

 5. Helps with digestion

Lemon balm prevents gastric ulcers and helps with constipation. It's level of anti-oxidants help protect your gastrointestinal system. 

6. Helps with pms symptoms

A study showed that lemon balm helps reduce pms symptoms.  

7. Regulates thyroid

Lemon balm is a great natural health treatment to regulate a overactive thyroid. It stops the components that over-activated the thyroid and keeps it from binding with the thyroid receptor. 

8. Protects the liver and heart

Lemon balm has shown to lower high triglycerides and improve cholesterol synthesis in the liver. Lemon balm is also effective in reducing heart palpitations and heart arrhythmiahmias.


Sparkling Peppermint Lemon Water


Bundle of fresh lemon balm leaves
Bundle of fresh peppermint leaves
Slice of lemon
Handful of Ice
Sparkling mineral water
A few drops of stevia (optional)


Fill cup with ice, put herbs into cup of choice, pour sparkling mineral water on top, squeeze lemon slice into water then drop the slice into the cup to add more lemon flavor, add Stevia drops to taste (optional), let it sit for a few minutes before serving to capture full taste, enjoy!

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